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This page is about helping local orchard organisations do what they do, but better, and more.
This is known as ‘capacity building‘.   There is some original content but much is signposted to other providers websites.
See also the neighbouring pages on budgets & funding, and project ideas.

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Advice from a real-live human being – Rural Direct
Face-to-face advice for rural organisations. Free!!
This is a great resource, but before you contact them, prepare yourselves with the following resources:


Developing your organisation

Risk Assessment

Health & Safety policy – this and other templates at

Insurance companies that specialise in the 3rd sector include:

Insuring volunteer activity;
UK Government advice at states:
“2.4 What is the insurance position for volunteers?
The short answer
For insurance purposes, charities are advised to treat volunteers in the same way as they do their employees and to ensure that they are covered by the usual types of insurance a charity might buy, such as employers’ liability or public liability cover.”

Contract for Services (& other employment templates).  Contract for Services could be a more cost effective alternative than directly employing a member of staff, especially if it is for a short term project.  Zero hours contracts can be useful for both parties if the organisation’s income is unpredictable, and rate of work undertaken can be tailored to income.

Equal Opportunities Policy.  Some funders will ask for this.  A simple model document is available at:

Business planning.  Drafting up a business plan really help focus your ideas for what the organisation is about.
Try:  and a good start for social enterprises at