Inventory Finds Orchards Galore

shapeimage_3Work on creating a National Orchard Inventory for Scotland is progressing well.  The GIS Deskstudy has been working its way across the whole country.  We use aerial images, historic mapping, OS data as well as our background knowledge of orchards and that of our collaborating partners.  As of the new year 2014 we have identified over 1000 candidate orchards across Scotland.  In the following second phase, we will be carrying out field verification of these sites over the next couple of years. Contact us if you’re interested in becoming involved in the survey:

The National Orchard Inventory project is being implemented by CW Hayes Associates in partnership with Orchard Research & Enterprise, Borders Forest Trust, and National Trust for Scotland, with support from People’s Trust for Endangered Species.  It is an SNH funded research project.