Inventory Reports

Reports for A National Orchard Inventory for Scotland


National Report

We are in the reporting phase for the project now.  A national report will be posted here shortly


Area Reports

We have also been working hard on turning the Orchard Inventory data into some meaningful result for local areas.  We have therefore created ‘Area Reports’ for all areas that have had sufficient fieldwork completed.  Area Reports are currently available for:

South Lanarkshire (4.4Mb) SLAN Area Report of Orchard Inventory v30mar17 comp.pdf

These files are compressed for web viewing. If you need a print version (which is much larger) please contact us.


Interim reports

Phase 3 2014-15:  Learning and Development for Field Verification (3Mb)

A National Orchard Inventory for Scotland Ph 3 Preparation for Field Verification

Phase 2 2013-14 : Deskstudy Scotland & Pilot of Field Verification in the Borders  (3Mb)

A National Orchard Inventory for Scotland Ph2 Draft Report