Inventory Survey

This page is intended solely for volunteers and groups who are collaborating in field verification for the National Orchard Inventory of Scotland.  It is not intended for the general public.

These resources are subject copyright – all rights reserved.

Profile of a volunteer

We welcome a broad range of skills and abilities for volunteers.  This profile indicates some of the key skills.

Whats Involved in being a volunteer surveyor of orchards v2015.pdf

How to use these Resources

Your Local Facilitator is the person in your area that is coordinating the volunteer survey work.  They will allocate particular sites to you and provide location maps.

The Resources on this page compliment those that the Local Facilitator provides.

Orchard Survey Form is now web-based; on this page

The other Survey Resources are below.  ‘Right-click’ on each link, and ‘Save As’ to your device.

Risk Assessment – familiarise yourself with this to help make your work safe. Latest version:v2015a
Field Survey Risk Assessment Form v2015a.pdf

Survey Instructions – how to go about the survey. Latest version: v3a

Guides – help you to recognise various features and types of tree in an orchard.
Orchard Guide (zip folder)

Contribution Record – recording the time that you spent helping to secure the future of Scotland’s orchards. Latest version: v2015a
Contribution record v2015a.xls

Any problems – or get on the Orchardphone 07421 749711