Budgets & funding

How do we budget a project ?

Budgeting can be a little daunting if you are not familiar with it.   These resources are intended to help local orchard groups with simple projects.
You can create a budget on a sheet of paper with the help of a calculator.  But it is probably best to use a spreadsheet, and we provide some templates below.

Spreadsheet software?  If you have Excel, you have a spreadsheet.
If you don’t, then LibreOffice is a free, open source very good alternative.  Download it and give it a go.

Basic Project Budget template

Download (XLS, 30KB)

Simple Cashflow template to download

Download (XLS, 30KB)


How do we get funding for a project ?

For a small organisation wanting to do a simple project less than £10k, then Awards for All from the National Lottery is probably the best source.

To find other sources of funding, then SCVO’s very good free service is at fundingscotland.com
You need to register but it is easy & well worth it.

A sustainable funding toolkit is provided here to help plan a funding strategy.